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About Us

Legal Sapiens is home to a group of like-minded individuals who have excelled in the law school preparation process. We are a team which ultimately wanted the liberty to focus on actually contributing to the preparation process of students rather than just offering them a systematic process and a fixed time slot and hope that their sincerity will do the rest. The team is led by Debajyoti Das, the only law faculty across all institutes in Lucknow to have actually qualified the coveted NLSIU Bangalore entrance in 2006 with AIR 20. In the end we are a group which believes that if we can’t qualify the paper ourselves how will we help others to qualify it?

Incorporation of the legal documents of the company happened in 2019, but the intellectual infrastructure that led to the establishment of this paperwork includes decades of teaching experience from the top most faculty members across subject areas. Abhilasha Swarup, is one of the most famous faces in English and perhaps ‘the’ most loved one for sure! Prashant Pandey has easily been the most enthusiastic of youngsters to have been teaching GK! The management and operations along with GK also are handled by Nilabh Krishna who himself is also an alumni of National Law School, Lucknow. Aggression in work, fun and serious academics in classes, and a life-long teacher student relationship beyond classes is not just a goal but simple practice here. We don’t want to be involved only till your exam! No, we want to be there for your internships and your moot courts and your publications and your placements (Debajyoti was at Amarchand too! Don’t miss out on his help during law school). Legal Sapiens is not about your journey till law school, it is about law school and beyond

It is a team that has started out with little dreams of quality education, it is a team that knows what has been missing in the entrance process. It is simply put, a team that you should not speak with for your entrance at your own risk.