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Arijeet Shukla (Corporate Lawyer, ICICI & AIR 42, CLAT 2014)

Usually, I wouldn’t give anyone else the credit for my hard work and success but the truth is that there were at least two teachers who did contribute to my success. It’s not just the classes of course but Deb Sir continues to be an awesome friend even outside class! Most fun classes ever though! The sheer amount of time spent by Abhilasha ma’am for doubts and more doubts is also very hard to forget. Thank you both so much!

Kislay Dwivedi (AIR 28, CLAT 2016)

It is important to work hard and harder. But sometimes that is easier said than done. There was that one time, when Debajyoti Sir told me “If I ever scored less than 100 in a mock, my ego would be hurt”. Nothing motivated me more than that clear understanding of how I should be thinking. Abhilasha Ma’am also was a great motivator and it would be incomplete if I thanked them only for their academic excellence, because their value is much more than just studies.

Anurag (NLU Delhi)

I wanted to join the government services and to that goal wanted to go to NLU-Delhi mostly for geographic reasons. I proudly graduated last year. I must say that 5 years of law school have passed, but I still miss the “Bunty” examples of Deb Sir and all the intricacies of law that came with it.